Tunisia’s Tamarod gaining momentum against Political Islam

Tunisia’s version of the Egyptian Tamarod or “rebellion” political youth movement is gaining momentum against Tunisia’s current Islamist government. Over 1.7 million signatures have been collected in a country with a population of just over 10 million.

Launched only in June of 2013, the Tunisian Tamarod aspires to collect 2 million signatures to force the current Islamist Ennahda party to resign and scrap the current constitution.

In an interview on Mosaique FM, Tamarod founder Mohamed Bannour stated that Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly has “long lost it’s legitamcy” and described the current constitution as “hijacked”.

He said that “the movement is calling for the formation of a commission of legal experts who will be entrusted with the drafting of a new constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms for all Tunisians.”

Despite gaining popularity in such a short period of time, Tunisia’s Tamarod rejects any association with established parties and only seeks to instigate political change and a government that represents all Tunisians.

“We don’t want any support from the political parties to prove our credibility,” Mohamed Bennour affirmed.


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