Tokyo wins Summer 2020 Olympic bid

The International Olympic Committee has elected Tokyo for the summer 2020 Olympics. In the final round of cities bidding to be host, Tokyo won over Madrid and Istanbul after questions over Turkey’s security and Spain’s financial crisis weighed on judges. Tokyo defeated Istanbul 60-36 Saturday in the final round of secret voting. Madrid was eliminated earlier after an initial tie with Istanbul.

Japan however was not a clear choice when it came to safety however, as concerns were raised over nuclear exposure after the Fukushima explosion in 2011.

In the final presentation, Japanese Prime Minister Abe gave the IOC assurances that the Fukushima leak was not a threat to Tokyo and took personal responsibility for keeping the games safe.

“Let me assure you the situation is under control,” Abe said. “It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo. It poses no problem whatsoever.”  Abe added that the nuclear contamination was limited to a small area and has been “completely blocked.”

Helping to dispel any concerns and doubts over Tokyo hosting the Olympic games, Abe continued to say “There are no health-related problems until now, nor will there be in the future. I make the statement to you in the most emphatic and unequivocal way.”

Tokyo last hosted the Olympics in the summer of 1964.


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