Palestinians face extreme fuel shortage after Egypt destroys tunnels

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are now experiencing extreme shortages on fuel after Egypt’s military recently destroyed dozens of underground tunnels and houses between the Egypt-Gaza border to prevent potential Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and Islamic militants from entering the country.

Fuel was previously transferred via tunnels however after the closure and destruction of most of the tunnels between the Palestinian territory and Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, tunnels are no longer being used. As a result, Palestinians are experiencing daily power outages that last upto 14 hours and are lining up at the few gas stations that have fuel reserves.

Palestinians are lining up at gas stations, and daily power outages last up to 14 hours.

Mohammed Al-Abdullah, spokesman for the Gaza oil companies union, said while fuel transfers from Israel are possible, they will be limited due to the upcoming Jewish New Year holidays and will still not be enough to satisfy demand or need.


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