Germany now backs EU for strong response on Syria

Germany has now agreed to sign a G20 statement calling for a strong response to Syria’s alleged chemical weapon attack that left over 1400 people dead. This position comes after Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Germany would not be involved in any military action against Syria. It also comes one day short of a vote which needed Germany’s approval for an EU joint military response against Syria.

Mirroring popular sentiment in Germany against military action in Syria, Merkel’s initial reaction to possible military involvement in Syria was negative. However after criticism from the press for abandoning Germany’s allies in order to appease voters in an upcoming reelection campaign, Merkel issued a statment that she only delayed her response until a common EU position on Syria was reached.

“The signal of a Europe united in its position on this terrible conflict is of immeasurable support. The success in Vilnius shows, how right it was for Germany, to push first for a common European position,” she said in a statement.

In the meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Vilnius on Saturday, EU foreign ministers agreed the world “cannot remain idle” and said a strong response was needed to prevent any future use of chemical weapons in Syria.


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