Amr Moussa heads up Constitutional Panel for Egypt

Former presidential candidate and Arab League Secretary General, Amr Moussa has been appointed to head Egypt’s 50 member constitutional panel in an move by the interim government to amend the Islamist constitution put in place by ex-president Mohammed Morsi’s cabinet. Amr Moussa was also long term Foreign Minister under Mubarak’s rule and is considered by some anti-Military critics as representative of the former regime.

The new panel has 60 days to submit a final draft of the constitution to interim president Adly Mansour, who has 30 days to review the draft and announce the date of a referendum for final approval.

Following the interim government’s disbandment of the Muslim Brotherhood party, the Salafi Al-Nour party is the sole Islamist party invited to take part in the constitutional panel. However former Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamel al-Helbawi as well as human rights activist Mona El-Zulfaqr and physician Magdy Yaqub were elected to serve as Deputy Heads for panel.


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