Daughter of former Spy Chief released from Kidnapping

Unud Senussi has been freed after being reportedly kidnapped last week. The daughter of former spy chief Abdullah Senussi was snatched by armed men upon being released from her 10-month jail term for travelling under a false passport. Unud was reportedly trying to enter Libya illegally and incognito in an attempt to see her father who is currently in jail awaiting trial for crimes committed in the 2011 rebellion against longtime dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

Unud Senussi “was freed yesterday (Saturday) evening and is currently safe with members of her family in Brak al-Shati” in southern Libya, Abdelkader Belgacem, a member of her Magerha tribe said.

“(She) is due to spend some time in the south before going to Egypt to join her mother and sister,” Belgacem added.


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