Bahrain political talks start again after 2 month break

Political talks between Shiite group Al-Wefaq and the current Bahraini government have restarted after a 2 month lull.  The aim of the talks is to allow for political reform in the Shiite-majority, Sunni-rule state.

Bahraini authorities in 2011 crushed mass pro-democracy demonstrations in the capital with the help of Saudi-led troops but protests have since continued in Shiite neighborhoods as well as in Manama despite a law being passed in July banning protests in the nation’s capital.

On August 14th, Al-Wefaq issued a statement that all the major opposition parties in Bahrain are set to take part in a fresh round of protests and that “the demonstrations are to insist on a right that is clear and legitimate for the Bahraini people to move towards democratic transformation.”
The Bahraini group also stressed that anti-regime protests will continue in the country until the demands of the nation are met. Bahraini protesters took to the streets in several towns near Manama, chanting slogans against the Al Khalifa regime amid a heavy-handed crackdown by security forces.

Clashes erupted in several areas between regime forces and protesters. Reports said that police fired tear gas and birdshot to disperse protesters.

At least 80 people have been killed in Bahrain since pro-democracy protests erupted in February 2011.


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