Top 10 Kisses during a Protest

It’s time to kiss and make-out. Make Love Not War. Peace, Love and Understanding. Let’s get it on…. We’ve scoured the world wide web for the best kisses during a protest, and not surprisingly, revolutionists are a bunch of horndogs. Enjoy!

10.  Kiss’im in Taksim- Protesting against removal of green spaces in Taksim Square, Turkey

taksim sq kiss

9.  All you need is love- Protesting against Prime Minister Netanyahu and the failing economy in Israel

telaviv kiss- netanyahu protest, welfare state

8.  Want fries with that? – Protesting against Chick-a-Fil restaurant chain’s stance against Gay Marriage – Atlanta

chickafil kiss protest against gay policy

7.  Make Love not War- Protesting against Mubarak in 2011, Egypt


6.  Uptown Girl and Downtown Guy- Protesting for Occupy Wall St. in Los Angeles, California USA


5.  The Passion of Christ- Protesting against the Pope in Madrid

two men kiss in protest of pope benedict madrid spain

4.  For the Love of Education- Protesting for better Education standards in Chile


3.  French Kiss- Protesting for Pension Reform in Paris, France

french-riot-kiss-729-420x0 pension reform

2.  Dirty Dancing- Greenpeace protestors covered in molasses Protesting against Oil companies at World Energy Conference in Montreal, Canada

Two Greenpeace demonstrators share a kiss during a demonstration to bring awareness to the first day of the World Energy Congress in Montreal on Sunday September 12, 2010

And the no. 1 Kissing picture during a protest is

1.  Love Riot- Protesting and rioting after Stanley Cup (Hockey tournament) loss

vancouver kiss

Here’s one we just didn’t know what to think of…

From Russia with Love- Syrian woman kissing picture of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during pro-Assad rally

  syria kisses putin





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