Nigerian militants kill 14 in Bama


A mass funeral was held for 14 pro-government youth vigilantes in the Nigerian northeastern town of Bama Monday. The attack on the victims was reported by Reuters to be by the Boko Haram (translating to the West is Sinful) Islamist sect that has been waging war against the military for over four years, and may have been in retaliation against the youth vigilantes for their aiding the Nigerian military in capturing Boko members. The attackers allegedly targeted the youths and disguised themselves as soldiers who needed their assistance, luring them away from their posts killing the 14 victims and wounding 9 others.

The Boko Haram Islamists are fighting to restore Islam and Sharia law in a religiously mixed Nigeria. Currently the Boko Haram and other militant Islamist groups remain the biggest security threat to the west African region and has been linked to the murders of 44 people last week in the village of Bemba, an area that shares borders with Niger, Cameroon and Chad.


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