Julian Assange- The Pop Star?


Julian Assange, the famous founder and man on the run of Wikileaks, is back in the spotlight- and we mean spotlight. Despite taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for over a year in order to escape extradition to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault, Assange has announced his campaign to run for a seat in the Australian senate. Speaking to News Corp Australia , Julian Assange said he was “confident” about his bid for an Australian Senate seat in next month’s election.

Apparently Assange is taking his bid for senate seriously and has even filmed an election promotion video (or rather, 80′s rap video) with full mullet wig all from his residence at the Ecuadorean Embassy. With lyrics such as “we are all wire tapped now” and “we are all being fed lies,” Assange promises to bring change to the Australian people.  Cooing to the camera “you’re the light that the World’s demanding, make it brighter, make things feel allright,” it’s hard to believe that this spoof is actually the real thing.  Will Assange make it to the Australian Senate? All we have to say is that the 80′s seems to be trying to make a come back.


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