Drive-in Prostitution

swiss drive in

We’ve heard of quickies, but this is ridiculous. Switzerland is introducing a sex drive-in in Zurich where prostitutes can safely solicit with police guards and social workers looking on, (well we hope not literally). While prostitution is legal in Switzerland, residents have pushed for the trade to be moved to less public places which will give the City more control and supervision over prostitutes and their ‘Johns.’

These sex boxes are essentially wooden car park stalls where customers can drive in and participate in services in the privacy of their own vehicle. An alarm in the stall is also available in case of emergencies.  Women working at the drive-in are required to pay for a permit and medical insurance along with a nightly tax fee of 5 Swiss Francs (approximately $5). The drive-in is situated on an industrial park owned by the City of Zurich and is open from 7pm-5am daily. The project was approved via a resident referendum and cost the city 2.1 million Swiss Francs (about $2.2 million USD).



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