Baradei Charged with Breach of National Trust


BBC and Al-Ahram have reported that a case has been brought forward charging Mohamed El-Baradei with breach of National Trust following his resignation from Vice President earlier this month. The charge is not a felony and was filed by a private citizen in the Nasr City Misdemeanor Court. The plaintiff, Dr. Sayed Ateeq, is Head of the Criminal Law Department at Helwan University’s Faculty of Law and claims that El-Baradei disregarded the terrorist crimes which Muslim Brotherhood members were committing during the protests and also inflamed the international community against the Egyptian government for disagreeing with measures the Egyptian Army was taking against the protestors.

“El-Baradei was not selected as vice president for his person, but as a representative of the National Salvation Front and revolutionary forces,” and that he had resigned without consulting with those he represented, Ateeq said.

Since stepping down after denouncing the Egyptian Army’s crackdown on pro-Morsi demonstrators August 14th, El-Baradei has attempted to keep a low profile staying completely out of Egyptian politics. He is said to be currently in Austria with his family.   A day after his resignation, National Salvation Front leader Amr Moussa stated that El-Baradei was no longer a member of the NSF, raising speculation on whether the popular liberal party renounced his membership and his chairmanship or whether Baradei himself is considering to withdraw from Egyptian politics all together.

Nasr City misdemeanor court will consider the case on September 19th 2013.


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